Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mallory & Jeremiah! [Redding Wedding Photography]

What a beautiful day for a gorgeous wedding!  I LOVE fall!  I LOVE October weddings!  Absolutely perfect temps in the 70's and crystal blue skies all day long.  I met Mallory and Jeremiah several years ago at Mallory's sister's wedding.  Her family and friends were so amazing that I couldn't wait for the day to get here - I felt like I already knew them!  Beautiful venue - check - the incredible Gover Ranch in Anderson, where you feel you're in a botanical garden, even in October.  Great DJ - check - tunes provided by the masterful Kin Bates which kept the day rolling along on schedule.  The addition of Jeremiah's totally awesome old project truck was a great surprise that presented loads of alone time photo opportunities.  Thanks so much to the Larson family for having me AGAIN to document this beautiful day!  Best of luck to the newlyweds and have a smashing time in Maui!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mark & Michelle [Corning Wedding Photographer]

Mark and Michelle!  What a fun wedding!  I confess up front: I have never smelled a real, genuine Hawaiian lei made of tuberose before.  I am pretty sure I swooned through most of the wedding every time the bride walked past!  This was a beautiful wedding on Mark's parents' ranch in Corning.  There may or may not have been fireworks involved, and I'm not just talking about the smoldering looks exchanged between the bride and groom.  They were really sporting and indulged my desire to have them tromp through the tall grasses for photos.  On request they even produced some farm implements to pose with, though it was pretty tough for any of us to keep a straight face.  When you re-do your vows in a few years I am going to need a ticket to Hawaii.  But only if you have these exact same twinkly lights strung about the place.  Because twinkly light backgrounds make me giddy.  Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photos even though we'd never met!  I had a feeling it was going to be perfect!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Joe & Deniel, Win River Casino Wedding [Redding Wedding Photography]

I'll be the first to admit that I never knew you could get married at Win River Casino!  Who knew?!  And what's more, there are many beautiful places for taking photos and the Eagle Room is perfect for a reception!  Joe and Deniel had a wonderful wedding there last weekend.  Despite having four children, Deniel managed to look like a sister to her daughters and was a stunning bride. The torrential rains didn't stop us from venturing outside, even though the bride had to take off her shoes and go barefoot due to sinking in the wet grass.  Great fun was had by all and many heartfelt toasts from this band of brothers brought tears to everyone's eyes.  Thanks so much for letting me a part of your beautiful day!